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Early Learning
Early Learning
What programs and opportunities will provide support for our youngest learners?
Early Learning

Mayor Emanuel has set a bold vision for the City: to ensure that every student graduates with a world-class education, ready to enter college or a career. High-quality early learning experiences are the foundation for kindergarten readiness and future success in school and life. Quality early learning programs help children from birth to kindergarten in developing social-emotional skills, intellectual curiosity, and independence.

He has prioritized access to quality early learning programs for Chicago’s youngest children and their families. In 2012, Mayor Emanuel launched Chicago: Ready to Learn! with a three-year $36 Million commitment to increase access to early learning programs and raise the quality of existing early learning programs. He also ensured every child access to a full day of kindergarten in all Chicago Public Schools.

Since achieving universal kindergarten in 2013, Mayor Emanuel has outlined a vision to expand pre-Kindergarten to four-year old children in Chicago, starting with closing the gap for four-year-old children from low-income families whose families are eligible for free- and reduced-price lunch. Together, these efforts support the goal of having every child in the City of Chicago ready to learn by kindergarten.

To learn more about existing early learning programs in Chicago, please visit the link below.

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