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Expanding Community Engagement
Expanding Community Engagement
How can the City better use social media and 21st century technology to inform communities of new policies & programs?
Expanding Community Engagement

Community engagement is an essential component of developing meaningful and effective policies and programs for residents and businesses in Chicago, as well as keeping them updated and informed as new reforms and services are implemented. Over the past few years, the City has launched a number of new tools to engage residents, but is looking for new and innovative ways to ensure all residents are up-to-date and informed of new policies and programs.

Examples of social media and other technology tools include:
• Social media platforms, such as the Chicago Mayor’s Office Facebook page and the City of Chicago Chief Information Officer and Chief Data Officer Twitter accounts
• Online newsletters and email updates, such as the Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection online monthly business and consumer newsletters
• New tech tools, such as ChiText, the City’s Short Message Service (SMS) Text Messaging application, where mobile phone users can have information sent directly to their mobile phone for commonly asked questions, request a City service, and opt-in for various City alerts
• Open data, such as the City’s Open Data Portal, which hosts over 200 datasets presented in easy-to-use formats about City departments, services, facilities and performance for public use
• One-stop shop resources, such as 311, which serves as a resident resource for City services, programs, emergencies, special events, and other City-related information
• Online forums, such as CHIdeas.org, which since launching has welcomed nearly 11,500 visitors to weigh in on topics such as minimum wage, supporting small businesses, emergency preparedness, and promoting healthy lifestyles

For more information on the examples above, visit the following:

More Info:
Chicago Mayor’s Office Facebook
Chief Information Officer Twitter account
Chief Data Officer Twitter account
City of Chicago Open Data Portal

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