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Placemaking: Streets & Sidewalks
Placemaking: Streets & Sidewalks
How would you transform Chicago's streets and sidewalks into community spaces?
Placemaking: Streets & Sidewalks

Placemaking is the process of transforming common space into community place by cultivating a sense of ownership, belonging, and safety through community engagement, physical transformation, and the nurturing of community capacity and local leadership. CDOT is looking for public input into what makes Chicago’s streets great places and how we can use placemaking to improve them further. It should:
- Reflect the needs and cultures of the community
- Foster human connection, mutual civic trust and neighborhood activity
- Support local businesses
- Strengthen walkable neighborhoods and non-motorized transportation

Examples of placemaking include landscaping, street furniture, public art and cultural programming.

Chicago’s streets and sidewalks represent 24% of the city’s land area and over 70% of City-owned public open space. To help ensure that they address the needs of all users, the Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) recently completed the Complete Streets and Sustainable Urban Infrastructure Guidelines. CDOT is now engaged in developing Placemaking Guidelines for the public right of way (streets and sidewalks).

In addition to soliciting your ideas here, CDOT will soon launch a citywide survey to further engage Chicagoans in a discussion about placemaking.

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