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Universal Pre-K
Universal Pre-K
What are the barriers for high-need families in enrolling their kids in school- and community-based pre-K programming?
Universal Pre-K

We all have an important role to play in ensuring our city’s children have the tools they need to succeed. Over the last few years, major investments have been made in expanding access to and quality of pre-K programming in Chicago, leading to an estimated 39,000 pre-K programs in the city. Over the next few years, full-day pre-K will expand to even more children in need. In order to make sure every child can participate in early learning opportunities, the City is looking for your input on what barriers families face in enrolling their children so that the necessary programs and supportive services can be developed for assistance.

Examples of barriers might include:
• Don’t know where to go for information
• Access to reliable transportation (personal vehicle, near public transportation)
• Housing instability
• Lengthy application process
• Other

Please note what neighborhood you live in when you post your response.

For more information on enrolling your child in pre-K, please visit the link below, where you can search for pre-K and other early childhood education options for children five years and under that are available in your neighborhood.

More Info:
Chicago Ready to Learn. Enroll in pre-K.

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