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Emergency Preparedness
Emergency Preparedness
How can we help communities prepare for emergencies (e.g., severe storm) or public health crises (e.g., H1N1 outbreak)?
Emergency Preparedness

Prepare Chicago, an initiative of Healthy Chicago, encourages residents to join in and help ensure our City’s immediate and coordinated response in a public health emergency, which may be any of the following:

- Blizzard
- Heat wave
- Flu pandemic
- Release of biological or chemical agents

The Chicago Department of Public Health encourages you to take the following steps:

1) Prepare Your Family (Create emergency plans and kits)
2) Prepare Together (Check on your neighbors and friends)
3) Prepare to Help (Offer your time and skills)

How can we make sure that communities across the city take action to make these preparations?

Please click the Prepare Chicago link below for more information about this initiative and learn more about how you can prepare for an emergency.

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