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Healthy Chicago 2.0
Healthy Chicago 2.0
What strategies can be employed to help parents and children create healthier, more active lifestyles?
Healthy Chicago 2.0

The Chicago Department of Public Health (CDPH), through The Partnership for Healthy Chicago, is conducting a citywide community health assessment and developing a health improvement plan. Healthy Chicago 2.0 will identify goals and strategies for the city that will improve the health of Chicago residents and communities. The planning process and implementation plan will have a special health equity lens to address disparities and inequities among vulnerable populations and improve health status for all. CDPH recently held five town halls to give community residents opportunities to provide input on the development of this plan, and launched an online survey in both English and Spanish - please see the links below.

More Info:
The Partnership for Healthy Chicago
Healthy Chicago Neighborhood Survey - English
Healthy Chicago Neighborhood Survey - Spanish

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